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DESHENG was founded in 2008, it is a high-tech manufacturer specializing in providing best customized automation solutions for precision electronics, automotive parts, new energy, switchgear industry and robotics.

DESHENG habet independens intellectualis proprietas iura habet, et plus quam XX patents. Et multis dissipatis nostri products ad Germania, India, Philippines, Turcia, Brazil, etc .. Pakistan

DESHENG eam cooperatam multa cum nobilis conatibus, ut Fas: Cicero, Panasonic, Nokia, Marquardt, Havells et alia nobilis conatibus.

Our products and service have won the recognition and trust of more than 500 customers. 

Calpurnius Repentinus, cum servitium provisor est praestans Desheng et facti sunt periti in industria agro Automation.

If you want to realize automatic production of any product, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

Nos mos providere optimum Automation et customize solutions secundum ad requisita.

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